Flooring and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of change to us all and we’re all now getting used to the ‘new-normal’. Many businesses and workplaces are dealing with changes to their commercial environments such as; requirements to wear masks, installing sanitary stations and introducing one-way systems to minimise traffic and allow for social distancing.

It seems like, until a vaccine is found and potentially for some time after, these changes could be here to stay so, how do we make sure your environment remains a professional and impressive looking place while keeping to new health and safety regulations?

Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Directional Arrows in Carpets – many of our suppliers have now introduced carpet tiles that feature arrows to help people navigate the new one-way systems in place. With a wide range of colourways to choose from, these arrows will look fantastic as well as providing a functional purpose.

2. Loose Arrows – continuing down the theme of one-way systems, we can also supply loose arrows ready to be cut into vinyl sheets.

3. Loose Shapes – a similar concept to the loose arrows, circles and other shapes can be used to encourage social distancing in queues or other areas by clearly marking a safe-distance. Contact us for more information on these.

4. Flexible Installation – our team can work to flexible hours to suit your business requirements. All pricing and quotes can be done remotely via email and phone. Our team are fully prepared with their own PPE and a full understanding of health and safety requirements and will work flexibly ensuring your project goes ahead safely.

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